Emergency Plan for Your Pets

Are you prepared to deal with your pets in an emergency? What if you need to evacuate your home for a few days? Do you have everything you need to take care of your pets together in an easy-to-find location? What if you are stuck at home for a few days because of snow, ice, or flooding? Do you have enough food and water to take care of your pets until you can get back out? With just a little planning, you can be prepared for just about anything!

have your emergency plan ready

Put together a go bag. This bag should contain everything you will need to take care of your pets for a few days. Be sure to include:

  • A carrier (for your cat or small dog) or a leash (for your larger dog)
  • A few cans of food (with a non-electric can opener), some dry kibble, a few bottles of water, and bowls.
  • If your pet is on any medications, keep a few extra days worth in this bag (be sure to rotate with your regular stock so they don’t expire).
  • Stash a few toys and some treats for a distraction.
  • For your cat, be sure you have a litter pan and some cat litter.
  • A copy of your pet’s vaccination records.
  • Your pet’s first aid kit.

Have a plan for someplace for your pets to stay if you need to evacuate. Where will you be staying? Are animals allowed there? Be sure to check out your area for places where you might be able to board your pets during an emergency (like a kennel or your veterinarian – yes, we do board pets!). Call around to find pet-friendly hotels. Ask your friends and family if they could keep your pets for a few days. Look for 3-5 options, in case the first place is full. Keep all these names, addresses, and phone numbers written down in your go bag. You’ll be glad you have this information handy when you need it!

Have a plan to stay at home. Sometimes you can’t get out in bad weather, and you need to stay put for a few unplanned days. You should have everything you need in your go kit, so get out those emergency supplies! If your pets live outside, be sure they have a safe place to stay. In bad weather, you might want to keep them in a closed barn or garage, or let them inside your house temporarily. If your indoor pets get nervous in storms, keep them in a room with few or no windows, or in the basement away from the sounds of the storm. Keeping pets in smaller carriers or crates may help keep them calm in stressful situations, just be sure they have enough room to turn around and get comfortable, and let them out as soon as the danger has passed.

Are you and your pets prepared for an emergency? Call us or come in to talk to our veterinary technicians or veterinarians about what else you might need in an emergency situation.

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